Here you find some references of Uwe Domann Consulting. References by countries are:


Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia


Adria Media Holding, Vienna, Austria

(joint venture between Gruner + Jahr and Sanoma Magazines International)
  • Coordination of establishment of the Adria Media Holding - a joint venture between the German publisher Gruner + Jahr and the finish publishing house Sanoma - simultaneous takeover of Burda by G + J in the Adriatic region (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia) in Serbia
  • Coordination of antitrust matters and issue of documentations and joint business plan in Serbia


ALMA MATER Consulting Berlin GmbH, Berlin, Germany

  • Market study „Intelligent textiles“


Antenna Group, Athens, Greece

  • Market and competition analyses (Pay TV, IP TV, Publishing) and media country profiles
  • Advising in making business models for AudioTex and pay TV activities in Eastern-European countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia)


Audio Media Digital GmbH, Vienna, Austria

  • Company presentation and concept for further development of „“


Daphne Communications S.A., Athens, Greece

(joint venture between Gruner + Jahr and Antenna Group)
  • Concept for a strategic partnership with an international publishing house
  • Work flow analyses between publishing house and printing plant Niki Publishing SA in cooperation with WEB Project Consult GmbH


Deutscher Supplement Verlag GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany

  • Market analyses and company profiles concerning TV magazine market in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)


DMS – Uwe Dulias Media Service, Hamburg, Germany

  • Market study about newspaper market in the Ukraine


G+J International Magazines GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

  • Setup and administration of the representative office of G+J International Magazines GmbH in Belgrade, Serbia (Director)
  • Market studies, readers surveys and copy tests for the development of an international edition of the Gruner + Jahr magazine „Gala“ for Serbia
  • Negotiations of licence and joint venture agreements for “Gala” in Serbia
  • Coordination of rollout und printing of the Gruner + Jahr magazine “GEO” simultaneous in five countries (Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia)
  • Concept development „knowledge management“


Gruner + Jahr AG & Co KG, Newspaper department, Hamburg, Germany

  • Coordination of closing the sales agreements between Gruner + Jahr and the Swiss publishing house Ringier in Czech, Slovakia, Romania as well as in Serbia & Montenegro


KUCA Stil d.o.o. Belgrade, Simpo Kompanija a.d., Vranje, Serbia

  • Advising the Serbian publishing house KUCA Stil concerning a strategic partnership with an international publisher
  • Concept regarding options for new, international partnerships of SIMPO (parent company of KUCA Stil)


media venture services GmbH, Vienna, Austria

  • Administrative responsibility for start-up of the company
    Associated Senior Consultant
  • Projects in media scope with focus to countries in CEE
    Active monitoring as well as documentation of markets, competitors, merger & acquisition
  • Development of qualitative and business tools


NEXIA Berlin GmbH, accounting firm

  • Conceptual and organizational coordination of website relaunch
  • Project management to implementation of the DATEV document management system (incl. training)


Salomon Group, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Preparation of a company presentation incl. strategic orientations
  • Permitting of partners for expansion beyond Slovenia (Croatia, Serbia)
  • Concept for cooperation in printing and publishing business in the Balkan region
  • Research, analyses and presentations concerning TV market resp. TV programme offers in Serbia


Styria Medien AG, Graz, Austria

  • Analysis of printing business in the Adriatic region in cooperation with WEB Project Consult GmbH
  • Comparing market analysis about the TV magazine market in CEE
  • Development of investment projects in market of the Adriatic region


U1 TV Station AG, Schlieren, Switzerland

  • Preparation of model for a strategic partnership in Switzerland resp. for an expansion into the German speaking TV market


WEB Project Consult GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany

  • Market analysis “Greece heatset printing”
  • Analysis of printing business in the Adriatic region
  • Concept for cooperation in printing and publishing business in the Balkan region