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UDC • Uwe Domann Consulting


Since 2004 I am working as a freelancer specializing in the fields of research, controlling & finance and organisation & logistics. Currently, the focus of my work is on the media industry in the area of tension between traditional and digital as well as interactive media. Especially in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe I have many years of experience.


My ambition is an optimum level of service. To bring the possible and necessary in a reasonable relation I offer my partners and clients both operational and strategic context. That is why I am interested primarily in a comprehensive and long-term project monitoring (including management) than in short-term individual requests.


Entrepreneurial thinking and responsible-minded acting are vital basis of my work. Respect for each other and commitment in dealing with people is essential part of professionalism for me. Mobility, flexibility and absolute loyalty are obvious conditions of my work.


I look forward to new challenges and partners.